Loch Leven - It's a cake walk!

Channel Farm, Kinross, KY13 9HD

Have you ever thought a leisurely walk needs frequent coffee and cake stops? Today is your lucky day! This 20km gentle stroll around Loch Leven will pass three coffee and cake stops.

We’ll start at Loch Leven’s Larder, proceed clockwise through the wooded part of the route, pass a water mill, and then head into the RSPB nature reserve. Handily, there’s a coffee and cake stop at RSPB Vane Farm, where they also provide binoculars for your twitching pleasure. We’ll continue our walk towards Kinross, and stop to take more coffee! From there, the loop continues back round to Loch Leven’s Larder – where, if you’re not caked out already, there is the option to enjoy yet more cake, or perhaps something more substantial.

The route is 20km long, on a well maintained path. On our walk, we’ll see a number of the other Fife and Perthshire hills that OutdoorLads have walked in recent years, such as Benarty Hill, and Bishop Hill.

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Loch Leven - It's a cake walk!


Outdoor Lads

Outdoor Lads


Channel Farm, Kinross, KY13 9HD


Sun, 19th June, 10:30

Kit Required

Comfortable sports clothes and walking shoes

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