LQBTIQ+ Bike DIY Session

The Wee Spoke Hub, 13 Guthrie Street, Edinbrugh, EH1 1JG

This event is specifically for members of the LGBTIQ+ community and the evening will be led as much as possible by this demographic.

You will be able to use a stable bike stand, in a warm, dry, well-lit space.

Wee Spoke Hub tools are available for your use. Also spare parts, and mechanical assistance by competent volunteers, backed up by a workshop mechanic.

If you are interested in a Bike DIY session and are not a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, you are very welcome to attend our one of our weekly Thursday night Bike DIY sessions!


If you have another appointment later in the evening (i.e. a deadline), please let us know about this when you sign in. Things take longer than you think.

After signing in, you will be matched with a volunteer. We’ll discuss your repair needs, the available time, and try to gauge your mechanical comfort zone.

Then get your hands dirty.

Practical limitations

Bike-DIY depends on our selfless volunteers. If there is no spare volunteer available when you arrive, please be patient.

Some advanced repairs are not practical during Bike-DIY so please drop us an email if you think your repair might be particularly tricky!

LQBTIQ+ Bike DIY Session


SHRUB Cooperative

SHRUB Cooperative


The Wee Spoke Hub, 13 Guthrie Street, Edinbrugh, EH1 1JG


Tue, 25th June, 16:00 - 20:00

Kit Required

Wear old clothes - if you're lucky, you'll get them greasy. If you forget, we do have aprons, and a few old shirts. Also extremely fashionable lab coats!

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