Rowing Taster Session

West Boathouse, Glasgow Green, G1 5QA

Want to give rowing a go? Rowing is an excellent form of exercise which you can enjoy right in the city centre of Glasgow with Clyde Amateur Rowing Club. Whether you just want to be able to take a relaxed row up the Clyde on a sunny day, or you want to train to compete in races, we’re here to help you have fun.

We’re a small and friendly club, and we’re proud to be open to everyone.

You don’t need to know anything about rowing to join one of our taster sessions, but because of the nature of the activity we need you to meet some criteria: You must be over the age of 18 You must be able to swim 50m in light clothing You should be able to understand and react quickly to instructions in English You should have a basic level of physical fitness

We’ll also need to lift boats and carry them a short distance from our boathouse and onto the water. You’ll need to be comfortable carrying a weight of around 15kg in order to do this.

We’re committed to trying to make rowing more accessible, however, and if you’re likely to struggle to meet one of these criteria, but are still interested in getting involved please get in touch with us; we might not be able to accommodate you in a normal taster session, but we’ll try and make things work if we can.

Where is it?
We’re based at the West Boathouse, which is on Glasgow Green, a few minutes walk from the entrance on Saltmarket. The session will happen in the boathouse and on the Clyde.

The boathouse isn’t open to the general public, so if you sign up for a session please keep an eye out for an email with details about meeting the session leader so you can get in nearer the day of the taster session.

If you’re coming by car we suggest that you park on one of the streets near the Green (Ballater Street and Greendyke Street have on-street parking), or park near the People’s Palace. Please get in touch if you have more complicated access requirements, and we’ll do what we can to help.

What should I expect?
A taster session will normally last around 90 minutes to 2 hours. We’ll start out by introducing the basics of the rowing stroke (the movement you need to make in the boat) in our gym on a rowing machine. Once we’ve done that we’ll launch a boat, and take you through the stroke again on the water.

You’ll be in a boat with at least one coach the whole time.

In our taster sessions we row on the stretch of the river between our boathouse (near the weir) and the suspension bridge which is around 500m upstream.

If you’ve not completely made up your mind about joining afterwards then you’re welcome to come to up to another two sessions for £5 each time. After that we will ask that you join; our members’ support is essential for maintaining our facilities and equipment, and gives you full access to our gym facilities too.

Alternatively, you can join one of our learn-to-row programmes, which are designed to help you build skills and confidence quickly, so that you can join-in with our novice or recreational rowers.

Rowing Taster Session


Clyde Amateur Rowing Club

Clyde Amateur Rowing Club


West Boathouse, Glasgow Green, G1 5QA


Tue, 25th June, 18:30 - 20:30

Kit Required

While we’ll provide equipment like boats and oars, we suggest you bring a water bottle and a towel. You should wear light clothing (sports / gym clothing is ideal), but please make sure it’s not too baggy (parts of the boat move, and baggy clothing can get caught and become a safety hazard). If you’re coming on a colder day consider some extra layers, but please avoid anything woolen which might get very heavy if it’s wet. Trainers or running shoes are ideal, but please wear socks, as you’ll need to swap your shoes when you get into the boat (our boats have fixed shoes in them).

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