If you aren’t organising your own event this year, but are free to help out at one or more of the planned events, please email laura@leapsports.org, telling us what part of Scotland you live in, what dates you are free during 17th to 30th June and if you have any previous experience that might be useful.

‘I had the opportunity to volunteer during Festival Fortnight and I enjoyed every minute of it. My skills lie in the creative industry, and LEAP were able to tailor opportunities to fit these skills, such as photography during events and graphic design for promotional purposes. Apart from being able to meet a host of great people, this opportunity provided excellent work experience and allowed me to add to my portfolio. This was something which fit perfectly for me as I had just finished a masters is design, but was just falling short on the experience most employers expected.’ -Lara

‘I took part in Festival Fortnight from some of the planning stages and enjoyed being able to help shape and plan some events that took place.
I also acted as a host to many of the events which included taking part in the activities and being the welcoming face of the event and the project. It was very rewarding to see the community come together to play a game of softball or to introduce people to roller derby. If anyone is thinking about volunteering for this project, it’s an opportunity not to be missed’ -Tommy