Football Tour of Glasgow

Baltic Chambers 50 wellington Street Glasgow G2 6HJ


SAT 16 JUNE/FREE (donation appreciated)/11am

An event for LGBTI community members to connect with the culture and history of football in Glasgow.

Discover the cities rich football heritage by coming along on our 2-hour tour. We stop outside all four of the cities club grounds, take in the views at the national stadium and make a stop at Cathkin Park – former home of now defunct Third Lanark AFC. Transport from the Baltic Chambers.

Would be grateful for a donation if you are able to provide one.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes, you MUST be 18 or over to attend this event.

Do I have to book or can I just turn up?

We strongly advise you to book in advance.We have limited numbers on th tour so when it’s full, it is full.

Are tours ever cancelled because of bad weather?

Unless the Met Office has issued a warning of severe gales and advised against travel, tours will take place. Heavy rain, snow, or wind will not halt the tours. If you are unsure, email us:

Are there toilet facilities on the route?

We will not be making any specific toilet stops. However, our tours are in areas where there will likely be facilities available in cafes, bars etc.

I’m running late. What do I do?

Be on time. We strongly suggest that folk turn up at least 15 minutes before the tour is due to start. There may be some leeway to wait a few minutes but we cannot guarantee this.

Is the tour in English?

In short, yes. In Scottish, aye.

I have mobility issues. Are the tours suitable for me?

Contact us and we will do our best to advise how suitable the tour may be. We cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience incurred if we are unable to accommodate you or any member of your party.

Can I consume food and/or alochol on the tour?

Absolutly not. We want all of our guests to have fun. However, we reserve the right to exclude anyone who is under the influence of drink or drugs or whose behaviour is spoiling other guests’ enjoyment of the tours.

Can I smoke?

In Scotland, smoking is illegal in public premises. You can smoke in the street but please take into account the comfort of other customers. Also, please note that people are frequently fined for stubbing out cigarettes on the pavement rather than using public ashtrays. You cannot smoke while in the vehicle.

Is there a dress code?

No, but I highly recommend you choose an outfit that is weather appropriate. Glasgow is known to experience all four seasons in one day, so be preapred. And no taps aff at 20° (if we should be so luck).

Football Tour of Glasgow


Proud Huddle CSC


Baltic Chambers 50 wellington Street Glasgow G2 6HJ


Sat, 16th June, 16:00
Sat, 16th June, 14:00

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FREE/ Donation